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DOJUS agro is a Lithuanian company successfully operating in the field of agriculture for the past 25 years. Its main activities include the sale and service of agricultural and lawn care machinery and the supply of spare parts. Other areas of activity include the sale of used equipment and machine rental.

DOJUS agro is the largest supplier of Western agricultural machinery in Lithuania and the market leader in the majority of main machine categories. In 2017, Plimsoll ranked the company 72nd among 619 of the world’s largest sellers of agricultural machinery. On average, the company sells over 450 self-propelled and 300 towed machines each year. Thanks to a well developed after-sales service, this number is annually increasing.
Our mobile machinery team consists of 42 technicians and four regional service managers. We also have 23 stationary technicians. Our after-sales service team improves each year by receiving approximately 14,000 hours of training. The company employs over 180 employees of whom more than 70% have received higher education.

Until March 1, 2007, the company was known as C. Olsen Baltic. The change of name had no influence or effect on the company’s status, structure, shareholders, managers, represented producers or type of activities.


C. Olsen Baltic was established in 1992. During its first five years of operation, the company’s activities included the import and export of food products and the trade of food industry equipment.

In 1997, the company became the Lithuanian representative of Deere & Co, the world’s largest producer of agricultural machinery. Shortly afterwards, the range of producers was supplemented with the French company Kuhn. Today the company represents a wide range of companies including Koeckerling, Western Fabrication, Briri, Kemper, BMF, Pezzolato, Vervaet, Michelin and Starmaxx.

In 1999, the company began developing its activities in Belarus, and in 2001 it became the country’s official representative of Deere & Co, Kuhn and Koeckerling. For the first two years of its operations, the service and supply of spare parts was carried out in Lithuania due to the low number of machines sold. After an increase in sold machines, the Belagrobaltic joint venture was established in Belarus in 2002 for the development of service activities and the supply of spare parts. In order to maintain high customer service standards, to ensure the integrity of activities and to improve overall performance, during the winter of 2006 the ownership of the company was fully taken over by C. Olsen Baltic. In 2017, Belagrobaltic employs 32 qualified specialists who oversee the service and repair of sold machinery and the supply of spare parts. Each day, 11 service vehicles are on hand to visit the company’s clients’ farms throughout Belarus.

In 2002, the company’s activities expanded to Russia’s Kaliningrad Region, where the following year it became the official representative of Deere & Co, Kuhn and a number of other companies. In 2004, the subsidiary C. Olsen Kaliningrad was established, which was later renamed Dojus Kaliningrad and which now services and repairs sold machinery and supplies spare parts. In 2017, the company employs 10 qualified specialists and its maintenance service department consists of six fully equipped service vehicles.

In 2004, a new sales and service centre started activities in the village of Juodoniai near Kaunas, one of the largest and most up-to-date centres of its kind in Eastern Europe. The centre covers over 3,700 square metres of territory and includes a modern service and repair hall, spare parts warehouse, training hall, machinery showroom and office space.

In 2006, a commercial site was opened in the village of Užubaliai near Vilnius.

In 2008, the Užubaliai site began operating as a spare parts warehouse.

In 2010, the company began operations in Latvia where it established the subsidiary Dojus Latvija, an official representative of Deere & Company in the country.

In 2011, a new regional commerce and service centre began operations in the village of Vijoliai near Šiauliai. The centre, which covers an area of over 2,600 square metres, was opened to improve service and the sale of spare parts in the region.

In 2013,regional service centre was opened in Panevėžys, providing all the necessary requirements for farmers in the northeastern part of Lithuania. We hope this will improve the accessibility of our services and increase further cooperation with farmers in the region.

In 2016, a new regional service centre was opened in Šakiai. Established in the village of Gotlybiškiai, the centre covers and area of over 1,300 square metres.

We are happy to be the main partner in the choice of agricultural machinery for the largest and most modern farms in Lithuania. We are pleased to know that our investment in the creation of top level service has received such a welcoming from these farmers. We believe that quality, professional work and mutually beneficial long-term partnerships are a the best way forwards for a common and prosperous future for us all.