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The present Website Privacy Rules (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Rules’) provide information on how we will collect and process your personal data, which you may submit on the website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Website’), social media accounts, by contacting us by email or phone, or by submitting the information directly to us. The controller of personal data indicated in the present Rules is UAB ‘DOJUS agro’, legal entity code 110360528, registered address: Vilnius City Municipality, Vilnius City, Palangos str. 2-32 (hereinafter referred to as ‘we’ or ‘the Controller’). Your personal data will be collected and processed for marketing purposes as described in the present Rules by the UAB ‘DOJUS agro’ Lithuanian branch, legal entity code 304705822, registered address Vilnius City Municipality, Vilnius City, Palangos str. 2-32), acting as a controller.

Individuals under 14 years cannot submit any personal data through our website or social media accounts. If you are an individual under 14 years, you have to get the consent of your lawful representatives (parents, stepparents, guardians, carers) before submitting your personal information.

1. What personal data we process?


Your personal data (name, surname, telephone, postal code or email, information on your needs, payment details for goods/services (bank account number, payment method, etc.), purchase history (acquired goods and/or services, price, delivery address and other data necessary to conclude and implement the agreement) shall be processed in order to conclude a purchase and sale agreement, service provision agreement or any other agreement, as well as to provide services and carry out the debtor risk assessment.

Your data shall also be collected and processed by using our provided equipment with GPR devices (in such case, we shall submit the information on the processing of data explicitly).

Grounds: (i) agreement; (ii) legal obligation; (iii) legitimate interest (to retrieve debts, to manage risks).


Your personal data (name, surname, contact details, enquiries and other information that you shall submit) shall be processed in order to answer your questions and provide information. We receive your data as you submit your enquiries by using the form on the Website, enquire or comment via social media accounts, participate in surveys, as well as contacting us and submitting the information by phone.

Grounds: consent.


Your personal data (name, surname, type of your farm/company, size of your farm, email, telephone number, address, information about the news you are interested in) shall be processed in order to inform about the goods and services distributed and provided by us and our partners, as well as to provide other relevant information. Our marketing communication shall reach you, if you subscribe to our newsletter or other communications, as well as if you fill in our forms while attending our events.

Your personal data shall be processed for marketing purposes by the UAB ‘DOJUS agro’ Lithuanian branch, acting as a controller, which shall process your data pursuant to the present Rules.

In order to receive direct marketing offers from our partners, you shall be asked to give your explicit consent.

Grounds: (i) consent; (ii) legitimate interest (providing information to current customers).


We use surveillance cameras within our premises and controlled territory. The purpose of such surveillance is to ensure the protection of our employees, customers and property, to prevent offences and to identify offenders. You shall be informed about the video surveillance with signs at the entrance to the video surveilled territories and premises.

Grounds: legitimate interest.


In order to find out how you use our Website, we may collect the following information: device information, i. e. IP address, browser you use, time and duration of your session on our Website, search keywords you enter on our Website, your preferred content and any information collected by using cookies, location data, i.e. GPS signal of your device or information about the closest  Wi-Fi access points and mobile network towers, which can be transferred to us while you use the contents of our website.

Detailed information on cookies and on how they work is available in the section Cookie Policy.

Please note that cookie policies of respective social networks apply to our social media network accounts. You can read more about our Social Media Policy in a different section.

Grounds: (i) consent; (ii) legitimate interest (learn how visitors use the services of our Website in order to improve it and to create new content, products and services).


We shall process your personal data (name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, email, city, education, work experience, driver licence details, desired position, recommendations, test results, evaluations, qualification, professional skills, personal qualities and other information that you submit) in order to carry out the recruitment of employees. By applying to certain positions, please, do not submit any excess information that is not required.

Grounds: consent expressed by applying to a position.


In order to defend our rights and legitimate interests, to respond to claims or complaints, as well as to submit such claims ourselves, we may process your data related with the concluded agreements, their implementation, provided services and other data indicated within the present Rules.

Grounds: legitimate interest.

2. Transfer of data

We may transfer your personal data to the following:

  • Companies within the ‘Dojus’ company group;
  • Lawyers;
  • Auditors;
  • Banks / companies helping to carry out settlement operations, assessing the risk and creditworthiness;
  • Companies helping to organize competitions/events;
  • State institutions, such as courts, police, State Tax Inspectorate, however, only upon their request and only where such requests are based on the law or are in order to ensure our rights or security of our customers, employees and resources;
  • Social media (in cases where you choose to submit your personal data yourselves);
  • Other companies, providing services as commissioned by us: IT service providers, auditors, marketing service companies;
  • Responsibly chosen business partners: ‘DPD Lietuva’, ‘Synergy Effect’, ‘E-lab’, ‘SMS marketingas’, ‘’, ‘Deere&Company’, ‘Softera’, ‘Go ERP’, ‘Lietuvos paštas’.
  • Other parties, in cases where it is required by law or where it is necessary to protect our legitimate interests.

3. Transfer of data to the third countries

Occasionally we may have to transfer your personal data to other countries, where lower-level data protection policy applies. In such cases, we shall do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the transferred personal data.

We shall transfer personal data to such third countries on the following grounds:

  • Agreement (e.g. ordering goods from the manufacturer, applying the quality warranty, seeking advice on issues related with products, parts and services by the manufacturer).
  • Your clearly expressed consent;
  • Agreement concluded with the data receiving party, which is based on the standard clauses approved by the European Commission. Standard clauses are available at;
  • Mandatory rules applied to companies, in cases where data is transferred to a group of companies.
  • European Commission decision on adequacy, when the recipient is situated in country, regarding which such decision was adopted;
  • Permit obtained from the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

We have adopted reasonable and appropriate physical and technical measures in order to protect the information we collect for content/service provision purposes. However, we remind you that even though we have taken appropriate steps to protect your information, no website, online operation, computer system or wireless connectivity is completely safe.

4. Storage period for collected data

We shall store your personal data as long as needed to achieve certain goals. Once the goal is achieved, we shall delete your personal data, except for in cases, where we are obliged by law to store the information for tax purposes or the data is needed for a pre-trial investigation. However, such term shall not exceed 10 years. After the term expires, data shall be deleted in such way so that it could not be recovered.

Usually personal data is stored in following terms:

Personal data

Storage period

Payment details

10 years from the payment operation date.

Purchase and sale agreements, service provision agreements or other agreements and their details

10 years from the expiry of such agreement.

Personal data used for marketing

3 years from your last visit on our Website or the day of your consent to direct marketing. Data of the customers who did not object to receive the direct marketing shall be processed for as long as the customer has at least one valid agreement with the Controller and 3 years after the most recent agreement expires.

Video recordings

Up to 90 days.

Analytics data

Usually such data is collected automatically while you are using the website and is anonymized/generalized right after the receipt.

Your submitted enquiries and correspondence

Such data is deleted immediately when it becomes irrelevant. In any case, such data shall be stored no longer than 24 months.

Personal data of candidates

After the recruitment finishes, the personal data of candidates shall be stored for 1 year. In order to offer the vacant position in the future, such data may be stored and processed for a longer period only with a consent of a candidate.


5. Your rights

  • Right to know (be informed) about the processing of your data (right  to know);
  • Right to access your data and how it is processed (right to access);
  • Right to demand rectifying or complementing incomplete personal data, taking into account the purposes of data processing (right to rectification);
  • Right to demand to destroy your data (right to be forgotten);
  • Right to demand that the Controller restricted the processing of personal data for legitimate reasons (right to restrict);
  • Right to demand transposing the data submitted to the Controller (right to transpose);
  • Right to disagree with the processing of your personal data at any time, when such processing is carried out due to public interest or such processing is necessary for legitimate interests of the Controller or a third party (right to disagree);
  • Right to lodge a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

We enable you to implement the aforementioned rights in the way most suitable to you. You can do that by calling us at +370 37 750260, emailing at or using certain links indicated at the bottom of our provided marketing content.

Your rights shall be implemented firstly by confirming your identity in person (by submitting your personal identity document (personal identity card, passport or driver’s licence)) or by means of electronic communication (e.g. by e-signature).

You may choose not to submit certain information to us (e.g. information required when registering on the Website or contact details when filling in the form if you want us to contact you), however, in such case, you will not be able to purchase our goods online and we will not be able to contact you or provide services.

7. Final provisions

Other websites, which may be accessed through the Website or features and functionalities of which were included to the online services, have their own privacy policy and practices. Other companies within the ‘Dojus’ company group, suppliers, business partners have their own privacy policy and practices as well. We urge you to familiarize yourselves with privacy statements of all third parties before submitting information to them or using their offers and promotions.

The Rules shall be revised at least once every two years. Once the Rules are updated, we shall inform you on the amendments that we see substantial, by publishing the notice on the Website. Should you login or use our content and/or services after such notice is published, it shall be deemed that you agree with the new requirements indicated in the updated Rules.

Contact us

For all matters relating the protection of data processed by the ‘DOJUS’ company group, contact us by


Tel: +370 37 750260


Rules last revised on 07/03/2019.