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In 1997, DOJUS agro became the Lithuanian representative of Deere & Co, the world’s largest producer of agricultural machinery. Shortly afterwards, the range of producers was supplemented with the French company Kuhn. The company is proud to have been working closely with these companies for the past 20 years. Long-term experience provides an opportunity to understand the needs of the clients and to find the best solutions for them.

In 2015, DOJUS agro began cooperating with the German producer of high-class towed machinery Koeckerling, a partnership that provides an opportunity to find the best towed machinery solutions for our clients.

In 2017, DOJUS agro began cooperating with the British producer of high-class machinery Claydon.

In 2017, we also represent companies including BMF, Briri, Kemper, Pezzolato, Vervaet, Western Fabrication, Michelin, allowing us to offer solutions not only to the agriculture sector, but also to suppliers of utility services, foresters and individuals.